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VPNModule Step-by-step Installation Guide


This detailed user guide aims at enabling you to install VPNModule successfully on your website without much hassle. It covers every step and bit of information that you might need in the installation process. Just follow the steps explained below to install the software without any problem.

We can divide the installation process into two sections;

  1. Downloading the

  2. Installing VPNModule (step-by-step)

Downloading Files

  1. The very first step involves logging into your account on VPNModule website. Open My Account and use your credentials to sign in.
  2. Click Downloads and download

(To directly download the software, click the link sent to you in your email.)


Installing Ioncube: VPNModule source code is protected by Ioncube which is why it is essential for you to install it before installing the software. It is supported by most of the web servers/hosts. If you want to read more about this, you can find an article here (To be added soon).

Creating a Database: A MySQL database is required by VPNModule to store all the relevant settings and data. Having a database is essential to move on to next process. You can follow below guides to create a database.
Database guide for Cpanel or Database guide for Plesk

Installing VPNModule

It is important to know that this step requires you to complete installing ionCube and creating MySQL database before initiating VPNModule Installation. If you have directly jumped here, check the procedure above and make sure you have completed it before starting any further;

After successfully completing the initial process, follow these instructions to install VNModule;

    1. The first step involves the “unzipping” of the contents in a zip file named “” to a folder on your computer (refer to the initial steps if you did not download this file).
    2. Open Upload folder and use a text editor to edit “vpn/configuration.php” file to enter all your license key information along with your database details. After this, save the changes.
    3. Transfer all the content of Upload folder to your root directory or any specific folder of your website where you want to install the software.
    4. Open phpMyAdmin and import the file named database.sql into your database.
    5. Go to 
      Note: Remove path if you’re installing it on your root directory or replace it with the name of your specific folder where you had uploaded all the content and open the link in your browser to complete the rest of the process.
    6. Set cron jobs over your hosting control panel (contact your hosting provider if you don’t know how to do it yourself)
      /usr/bin/php -q /home/username/public_html/vpn/crons/cronjob.php (Work every 15 minutes)
      /usr/bin/php -q /home/username/public_html/vpn/crons/cronminute.php (Work every 1 minute)

      Note: Please change the username and path to your own in the above commands.

    7. Upon completing the installation process, please don’t forget to delete install.php from your web directory.

Required files & folder permissions: All folders should be CHMOD 775, and all files should be CHMOD 644.


There you go! You have done a good job. By now you must have successfully installed VPNModule on your server. It’s now time to set up a payment gateway. Please follow Coinpayments IPN guide in this regard.

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