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Terms of Service

We (VPNModule) have the right to update the terms and conditions at any time with or without informing you. If you register as a client or use any of our services you will be bound to agree on all of our terms and conditions mentioned below;

Our team at VPNModule strives to provide the best services to the clients but there are a few terms and conditions that a user has to agree to before he uses our VPN management system. Presentation, storage or transmission of any material, data or information that violates any of the US state or city law is prohibited. We have reserved all the rights to remove and block any user from our services who displays the information that seems threatening or obscene to us.
We prohibit all those sites and content that promote any illegal activity. Moreover, the material that we judge as harmful to the VPNModule server, our clients or any other server and it’s clients are also prohibited.



Your license will be delivered to you via email within 24 hours after our team examines your request and the provided data. However, if we detect any kind of issue with your payment or your other data, we will inform you about it as soon as we can that too via email.

License transfer

We can suspend or terminate your license at any minute if we find out that you’ve sold it to any 3rd party. Note that we provide licenses to the individuals and companies and you cannot transfer it to someone else later. We have all the rights to cancel your license if you violate our rules and regulations.

Affiliated program

Want to become a part of our affiliate program? We’ll welcome you with all our heart. You will be given a commission of about 5% on every order that you get us. You can easily register yourself in our affiliate program by contacting us here at Contact Form.

Right to refuse services

At VPNModule we have all the rights to refuse someone to offer our services for any reason.

Limitation of Liability:

We will not be responsible for any claimed incidental or consequential damages which may arise due to the negligence of VPNModule or any fraudulent misrepresentation. Furthermore, we will not be accountable for losses that are a result of corruption or deletion of any website.

  • You are unable to use the website for the best of your benefits
  • For the use of or reliance on any content that is displayed on the site
  • For your loss, profit or the revenue you earned
  • Any business interruptions
  • Loss of your savings
  • Failure of any opportunity or business reputation
  • Any consequential loss and harm


Here at VPNModule, we do not give any guarantees that the website will be secure or free from any bugs and viruses. You will be responsible for all the configuration of information technology and computer programmes that you use to access the website. We’d recommend you to use your anti-virus software before beginning with the site.

We will not be accountable for any harm or damage that is caused by a virus or any other service attack. If your computer or any of your computer programs get infected with the harmful material, then you will be responsible for it. Moreover, you are not allowed to misuse the website in any way especially you shall not try to gain unauthorized access or use the site to introduce viruses, logic bombs or trojans on purpose. If you will attack the website through a denial of service attack or any other distributed denial of service attack, you will be committing a criminal offence under the act of Computer Misuse Act 1990. In an event of such breach we will inform the relevant law enforcement authorities and we will co-operate with them. Moreover, we will have all the rights to disclose your identity if required by the authorities and your access to the website will be ceased immediately.


All of our transactions are entirely secure, and the payment information provided by you will always be encrypted. We assure you that you will not have to worry about the safety of your transactions.

Refund policy

We will not issue any refund once the deal is finalized. Providing reasons such as I accidentally purchased, I changed my mind will be considered as invalid, and we will issue any refund for that. However if we are unable to fix a particular issue in our software then yes, you will get your payment back but first you have to inform us about the issue you are facing.

Fraudulent payments

Each and every payment you make is first reviewed individually and if your credit card or PayPal details don’t match with your identity then we have all the rights to cancel your orders. Moreover, as far as your cryptocurrency payments are concerned, they will be approved automatically.


In case of any questions or queries about the terms and conditions, feel free to contact us via Contact Form.