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Configuring Coinpayments IPN


IPN stands for Instant Payment Notification which is a system to keep the retailers and entrepreneurs updated about the purchases and allow server-based communication. It provides information related to payment, transaction status, and order history. It is based on a messaging service that generates ‘notifications’ to business owners and is capable of completing purchases and receiving payments automatically. For successful financial transactions, it is mandatory for entrepreneurs to setup IPN. This guide aims at helping you configure Coinpayments IPN with VPNModule (which will ultimately enable you to accept payments and review accounting ledgers at any given time).

Setting up account

    1. The first step involves creating an account at Coinpayments or In case you already have signed up, enter your credentials to log in.
    2. To enable Cryptocurrencies including BTC, LTC, ETH etc., first click the “Dashboard” tab. Now move your cursor to “Coin Settings”. Here you will find all the options regarding the Cryptocurrencies. Select those that you want to accept from your customer and then click on “Update Coin Preferences” (you can see it right at the bottom to save your Crypto settings).
    3. In case you want to activate PayPal, click on the “PayPal/Other” option on the same page. Enter your PayPal account details. It is now time to click on “Update Coin Preferences” that will save your PayPal settings.
    4. Click on “Account”, select “Account Settings” and write down your Merchant ID in your journal/notepad (and save it). You will need it later in this guide.
    5. On the same page click on “Merchant Settings”. Configure your settings as explained below;

In IPN Secret field, insert a random alphanumeric string, for example:

erij3rd292492aof9t23686llagibiie (Note this string down as it will be used in this process).

In IPN URL, replace the example given below with your website URL and Path to where VPNModule is installed.
If VPNModule is installed in your main website directory:

If it’s installed in another directory, replace Path with your directory name:

In When to Receive Emails, You have to enable all the options. It is crucial to follow this step or the automated payment system will not work.
Following options are optional (and entirely depend on your preference);
Status/Log Email and Receive SMS Text When Funds are Received

  1. Click on Update account to save your details and Viola! You are done with Coinpayment IPN account configuration.

Linking with VPNModule

  1. Log into your VPNModule Admin Control Panel. Now click on “Settings” and then select “Payment Settings”
  2. Add your Merchant ID and IPN secret (noted previously in first procedure).
  3. Click on “Update Settings” to successfully save the information changed.


Congratulations! You have completed the CoinPayments IPN  with VPNModule, it was quite a simple process to follow and almost any leigman could do it. We hope that you will enjoy safe and secure transactions using CoinPayments with VPNModule.

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